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African Jewelry

Creative Ways to Wear African Jewelry

Original African jewelry comes from organic material like bones, animal teeth, nuts, shells, wood, and ivory. These are some of the few materials used to make jewelry. Traditionally African jewelry was for adorning necks, ears, arms, legs, toes, hair, and waists. It was worn in piercings or strapped. Such is where we get our inspiration. We study how functional African jewelry was in the past and apply it when creating our pieces. We have great pieces that will go well with a variety of outfits. Not only do we provide African jewelry pieces, but we also give our clients ideas on how to style them.

  • Less is more with African Jewelry


We recommend wearing the jewelry in a way that does not put them close together. Wear each piece at a time. For example, wear earrings without a necklace and wear bracelets without rings. Some combinations that stand out are a layered choker and necklace. Go for pieces with minimal strands.

A choker goes well with matching cuffs; also, it is better with matching cuffs. If you are wearing a bib necklace, it takes center stage, so it should only be worn alone. Ethnic jewelry automatically pops, so you only need Tp to wear a single piece for elegance. Choosing a piece that demands attention should not go with you opting for other pairs in an attempt to combine them.

  • Simple is elegant


Ethnic jewelry fuses effortlessly with simple outfits. That means that it's better to stay away from outfits that have busy patterns. Match your outfit with a piece that compliments its theme. Our clients often prefer to go with neutral-themed costumes like black dresses with decorative elements. The gold pieces in our collections are great for skin with warm undertones, while the silver ones go with cooler undertones.

  • Wear pieces in a way that creates an ensemble


Any piece of African Jewelry that you wear should focus on making a statement. Whether it's African earrings or a choker, or a necklace, you want to wear them in a way that looks creative and elegant. When it comes to selecting African earnings, we think it is essential for our clients to ensure that they choose the kind that feels comfortable wearing and brings out their personality.

Some African Jewelry pieces can cause some harm to the body, especially if they are too heavy. We only have pieces that work well for your clients and ensure that they are comfortable throughout their wear. For example, our African earrings will not stretch out your ears nor cause any sensitivity as they are products of top-grade materials. Clients looking for ideas on how you can style their pieces can contact us, and we will identify some articles that will go great with their outfits.

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