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Shea Butter

Benefits of Shea Butter

Jewelry is not all we have. We also have skincare products like African Shea butter, known the world over for its numerous skin benefits. The power of shea butter comes from its various fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Our African shea butter is usable for the skin and hair. The benefits of African Shea butter go further, so let's have an in-depth look at African shea butter benefits.

It is used in ointments for soothing burns and irritated skin, giving it healing power. Also, it is a great skin protector for the skin against UV rays. African shea butter is a primary component in cosmetics for skin moisturizers and a hair conditioner. We have it for clients who are looking into restoring their skin. It is worth trying and produces results that will have you appreciating that you got it in the first place.

Once you get shea butter from us, it is essential to note that it will only serve as it is supposed to when stored as required. Shea butter products in all forms are good for use for a while a year after opening. The components that make it a robust product will break down over time. There are things that a person can do to ensure they maintain the quality of their butter.

The first trick is in storage. We recommend storing it in a cool place or an environment with consistent temperatures. Fifty degrees Fahrenheit should do. Also, it is better to avoid mixing raw or unrefined shea butter with other products. In case this happens, that mixture is only suitable for 30 days. Keeping the shea butter container covered is also a good idea. When it is time to scoop, use a wooden spoon. Keeping it away from direct sunlight is also a good idea.

Another product in our collection that is quite beneficial for skin care+ is raw cocoa butter. Raw cocoa butter has a smooth texture and great fragrance similar to that of chocolate. It comes from cocoa oil. We have it available in bars and chunks. All a person has to do is break off a piece of it and rub it against the skin when it is time to apply. Most clients find favor in raw cocoa butter because it does not have a greasy residue.

Also, it can melt in a small bowl of hot water. This method of application should be accompanied by caution so as not to cause burns to the skin. Raw cocoa butter is an effective skin moisturizer that allows the skin to heal when used regularly. We invite our clients to contact us for updates on the latest skincare products in our store.

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